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Check out the calendar for fights near you. You'll find local amateur tournaments through to world title fights and everything in between. There's also coaching courses and specialist seminars.
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The latest Australian Gyms and Training Centres to be added to Fight. These are just a few of many and the most recent to be listed. At Fight you can find places to train by map, region, browsing and search.

New Government regulations has seen the temporary closure of fight gyms around the country.

Stay informed and up to date with measures being taken by following your gym on social media. Some are introducing online training, others are looking at outdoor training with appropriate spacing, a few are offering personal training outside the gym. Please support your trainers in any way you can during this time. Stay strong, stay safe.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do!

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Find places to train, see what’s happening near you with upcoming events, or grab some gear locally. Our city guides provide you with the best of everything in your region. Regional and smaller towns are covered as well, just jump straight to our Australia-wide Map and find it all nearby.


About Boxing

Amateur Boxing

Boxing is a stand-up combat sport where fighters use gloved fists to punch the front and sides of the upper body of their opponent. The fight or bout takes place in a square ring and is held over a number of rounds. The winner is determined by judges decision or by knockout. A knockout is the term used when one fighter can not continue, or it considered unsafe to do so by the referee, doctor or coaches.


There are many gyms across the country dedicated to the art. They range from the back yard shed through to modern day gyms with extensive facilities. Gyms are not an area that you can judge a book by its cover however. There are world champions coming out of certain back yards. If you’re looking for a place to train for yourself or your kids be sure to look beyond the bling. Talk to the coaches, learn about other fighters that train there.

It is common to find gyms catering to all levels from beginner through to elite. Beginners will often start out in group classes where the fundamentals can be taught. Gyms with several fighters that compete regularly may also have dedicated competition or fighter classes during the week. These are by invitation only in most gyms and you’ll need to earn the right to train with the fighters.


Gyms affiliated with their respective state association under Boxing Australia have pathways available for amateur boxers. By competing in certain tournaments, boxers can earn the opportunity to join state and national teams. These can lead to selection for World Championships and the Olympic Games.There are also development opportunities available for upcoming talent.

In addition, other organisations also provide varying levels of competition ranging from local, through to state and national titles.

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