MMA Gloves

MMA Gloves are an important piece of kit when it comes to training and competing in Mixed Martial Arts. They provide you with some hand and wrist protection, which in conjunction with a mouth-guard, are the only protection you have.

The biggest difference between a standard boxing glove and an MMA Glove is the open hand. This allows you to clinch and grapple whilst still wearing gloves. The ones used in Mixed Martial Arts are also a lot lighter, usually 4oz, so they do little to protect your opponent.

Training vs. Sparring vs. Fighting

There are differences between MMA Gloves, and not all are created equal. Sparring Gloves come with more padding on the strike area for protection and are often a little heavier. Similar in nature, blag gloves are designed to cushion your hands from constant blows on the heavy bag. You should not confuse the two however. Fight and competition gloves have little in the way of padding.

If you’re looking to compare, research or buy MMA Gloves online, think Fight!