Fight Shops

Fight gives you the good oil on where the best stores are in Australia that you can buy your training gear and fight equipment. Includes online shops and retail showrooms. Some Fight Shops are outlets with one brand only. Many have a wide range of well known brands and cover different styles of combat sports. Most will cover MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and Kickboxing as well as selling clothing and accessories. Some will also offer supplements, gym equipment and fitness gear. There is also a Fight Shop Map to help you find the nearest retail showrooms. It covers all of Australia. Note that many gyms will also stock a range of equipment and gear for the disciplines they train in.

Online Fight Shops

If you're looking to buy boxing gloves online, new pads, or other training gear, you'll find several stores will ship direct. When looking at the profile of a shop, check the ordering options. If it has online ordering then they'll offer an online fight shop. If not then it's a brick and mortar outlet only. Don't forget to check out the Fight Shop for gear and reviews. It's loading up fast and gives you the good oil on gear right across the country.

Fight Shops in Australia