Boxing Gloves

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How to choose the right boxing glove for you?

Boxing gloves come in a range of styles, sizes, weights and materials. They can be used for pad and bag work, sparring, and in the ring depending on what your needs are. Because there is such a wide variety it isn’t always easy to choose. When selecting ones that meet your needs, first consider what you will be using them for. There is little point having a flash pair of gloves you bought based on a pretty pattern, only to find out they can’t be used for training. Staff and trainers at the boxing gym will be able to help you choose the type and size you’ll need – which is handy considering all the options.


When you’re talking boxing gloves, the “size” is based on the weight and not the fit. Whilst there is no set in stone use for each weight, there are a few general guides that are followed in many gyms throughout the country. Keep in mind that people also vary in size, so glove weight can change based on the weight of the person using the gloves. 16oz gloves are commonly used for sparring. These provide protection for both your hands and the opponent. For bag work, it’s common to see women using 10-12oz and men 12oz.

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