Cleto Reyes Training Gloves with Hook and Loop


High Quality gloves for training in the gym with a velcro closure for fast and easy adjustment.

Cleto Reyes


If you’re looking for a well made glove that’s minimal in design and built to last, the Cleto Reyes Training Gloves with Hook and Loop closure are worth looking at. These are hand made in Mexico from Goat skin leather and quality materials. The velcro strap means you can put them on yourself which is handy if you’re training alone.

As with most Cleto Reyes Gloves, the padding in the “punch” section is minimal by design. It is made of a long lasting latex foam which is extremely durable and will last the distance. In sparring the minimal design helps you slip through gaps, but your sparring partners will know they’ve been hit. They are great for pad work, but maybe less so for long sessions on the heavy bag.

The quality and construction of these is second to none. These gloves look good, smell good and are after a breaking in period will feel great for many. These are the type of gloves boxers either love or hate so this will depend on which camp you find yourself in. They are anatomically designed to conform to hand and the inside lining is water repellent. An attached thumb helps prevent injuries to both your thumb and sparring partners.

The Cleto Reyes Training Gloves with Hook and Loop are available in sizes from 10oz to 18oz and a wide range of colours. It’s not easy though to find all colours and sizes in Australia, so you may need to look overseas if you’re chasing something specific. Extra colours not shown include yellow, citrus green, electric blue, metallic purple, Mexico, pink, silver bullet, solid gold, USA, tiger orange and white. These gloves are definitely at the top end of town price wise so not for everyone, but they are a premium product. Hand made, quality materials, built to last.

3 Reasons to buy

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Great look and feel
  • Durable quality materials

3 Reasons not to buy

  • High price
  • Will not suit everyone
  • Long breaking in period

The bottom line on Cleto Reyes Training Gloves with Hook and Loop

A minimal training glove that dishes out punishment. Built to last, looks good and feels great, but not to your sparring partners. You’ll need to punch the stiff out of them till they feel like they belong on your hands. High price but it’s quality gear.


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