The west coast of Australia has some excellent spots to train for combat sports. There's quite a few Perth Fight Gyms with experienced trainers and well equipped training areas. Many styles are covered with MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing and BJJ gyms. So no matter what you're looking to train in, there's a centre near you. You can browse or search places to train. Options include geolocation to find your nearest, by style of training, and keyword if you know what you're looking for. Searches will show on the map to give you an overall picture of gym locations. Selecting a gym will bring up its profile. Here you'll find more details about opening hours, classes offered, trainers, facilities and contacts. You may also review the gym and read the thoughts of others. Fighters for Fighters. If you're into combat sports, remember Bookmark and follow us on social media.

Perth Fight Gyms

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Keep up to date in 2020 with the Fight Calendar. You find events near you including MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, K1 and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Shows, Tournaments and Seminars.

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All the hard work begins at your local gym. Find places to train in Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Muay Thai and BJJ near you.

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Get your hands on the latest fight gear and equipment through your local store.