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Fight Calendar FAQ

How do I add an Event?” If you have a tournament or upcoming fight, you can add all the details to the Fight Calendar on including venue, promoter or organiser and cost. To submit an event, you must first become a registered member of Fight. Once you are registered, complete the Add an Event form. Details include an event name, start and finish date and time, an image, category, cost and full description – use as much text as you require to cover the event. When you are done simply submit the form. The event will not become live on until we have first vetted that it is suitable. This helps us to avoid spam. You will receive an email once the listing goes live in the calendar. This process will usually happen within a few working days. Can I add more than one event?” Yes. You may add as many events as you like to the Fight Calendar so long as they are relevant and on-topic. Note that anyone attempting to add fitness expos and the like to should add one only and await approval before considering adding more. We do not add all events that are not fight specific and do not want to waste your time or ours. How much does it cost to add an event?” There is no cost to add an event to the Fight Calendar. Please note that we only add events relating to the fight scene.


Why become a Member? On we use a membership system. It is completely free of charge. Note that we do not spam our members or give out your details to third parties. Membership allows you to interact with the site. You can add your own profile page, whether you be a fighter, gym owner, store, promoter or anyone else in the fight scene. You can add events to the calendar. You can review products, stores, gyms and more. If you just want to browse the site and not interact, you are more than welcome to, and registration is not needed. If you wish to participate, interact, promote or see what is on offer for our members, then registration is required. How do I become a Member? On a desktop, in the red bar at the top of the screen, you will see a “Register” link. Click that link, enter your email address and a username . Note that all usernames must be in lowercase. Click submit and an email will be sent to validate your registration. Follow the instructions in the email to complete your registration.

Reviews FAQ

How do I add a review?” Selected profiles may be reviewed at including stores and gyms. To add your own thoughts and star reviews you first need to register as a member and be logged in. Once logged in, visit the profile of the store or gym that you would like to review. Scroll down the page until you find the heading “Leave a Review”. Fill in your name, star rating, and any details you may wish to add in the text box. e.g. “Their customer service was excellent”. You can add a little or a lot here, the choice is yours. Once you are complete, click the submit review button. Reviews do not appear instantly on the site. We check each one to ensure there’s no off-topic spam before approving it go live. Note that we do not edit reviews and they are added to the site “as is” so long as they are relevant and on topic.

Profiles FAQ

What does it cost to add a profile?” It is free to add a profile to the index. What sort of profiles do you accept? We accept all fight related profiles in the categories currently available (note there will be more categories). An example of what we deem as fight related is with gyms. We only add profiles that train for competitive fighting, combat sports, tournaments, etc. We do not add gyms that do not train fighters. I train at a boxing gym, can I add it? We welcome all contributions. So whether you own it, manage it, are a trainer or just visit, you can add it by selecting the “Add New” button. Only gym owners and managers can “claim” a gym however. This gives rights for replying to reviews, editing the profile, and more.