MMA Sparring Gloves

If you’re getting ready for an upcoming fight, you’ll be training hard. And you can go harder in sparring when your hands are covered in a quality set of MMA Sparring Gloves. At the very least you’ll do less damage to your sparring partners.

Unlike minimal fight and competition gloves, sparring gloves come with extra padding. The high impact latex foam found in most provides the impact absorption and helps protect against injuries better than their lightweight counterparts. Many are commonly designed with full padding over the knuckles and the traditional open palm design. This helps keep both you and your sparring partners safe whilst striking and still allows some flexibility for grappling.

Boxing Gloves are no replacement for a proper set of MMA Sparring Gloves. They should only be used for striking work and grappling avoided. They are extremely bulky in comparison and can get locked up quite easily.

Check out the range available online. You’ll find many to choose from and can review the ones you’ve had experience with. This helps other fighters determine what the best set of MMA Sparring Gloves may be for them.