Boxing Promotions

Boxing Promotions put together and host boxing events and tournaments throughout Australia and the world. These may include select amateur bouts, professional titles, or a mixture of both. In Australia, promoters of boxing events have to be registered with the relevant combat sports authority in the state. They are the ones responsible for organising all aspects of the fight from the date to the venue, fighters purse, and of course promotion. Like any business, the scale and focus of each one is different. Some focus on their local community, putting on shows at the same venues year in year out. These often use a name with ascending numbers to let people know it's one of their events. Others take a broader approach and work at large scale venues throughout the country. Some promoters have ties to or own boxing gyms. The events can help them showcase their fighters and assist in their career. Certain events are also showcase more than one combat sport at a time. On the card you'll find not only boxing, but also MMA or Muay Thai.

Boxing Promotions in Australia

New Government regulations has seen the temporary closure of fight gyms around the country.

Stay informed and up to date with measures being taken by following your gym on social media. Some are introducing online training, others are looking at outdoor training with appropriate spacing, a few are offering personal training outside the gym. Please support your trainers in any way you can during this time. Stay strong, stay safe.

And Remember, tough times don’t last, tough people do!