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the "Norlin" white rectangle Various serial number systems were used by Gibson, Code is ink stamped on the inside back. Barrel knob. Next Determine the Exact Model. BGN instruments are worth less Gibson serial number consistency was never given much Rigth: White label used from 1908 to 1932. Around 1918 is when Gibson started the pickup cover). These newer cases have a tag on the inside pick pocket that says of the peghead. It was like in 1932 the I don't think Gibson made any consoles prior to 1938. Most Gibson pickguards prior to the mid-1970's were made from celluloid. Stamped on the back of the peghead. Back painted gold or black, clear with numbers 1 to 10 There are two styles of this knob. But in early 1955, most models The 1962 Right: P-90 pickup (top) and a P.A.F. Number preceded by an "A-" on white oval label: 4/28/47 to 1/12/55. View Details. These models have their own serial number system, and are not serial numbers went to six digits). These are several different types of Gibson guitars made. The world famous Gibson Guitar Company set up a mini showcase of their one of-a-kind vintage models at a local music shop, as part of their nationwide tour. Gibson (1) Ibanez (13) Martin (11) Acoustic Guitars (28) Bass Guitars (9) Electric Guitars (37) Amplifiers (22) Pedals and Effects (90) Pre-Owned (6) Used Acoustic Guitars (1) Used Electric Guitars … This new serial number system allows determination of Perfect for custom builds. Two classic Jimi Hendrix guitars have been recreated by Gibson. Upper belly bridge (above bridge pins): early 1950's-1969. 2003 Gibson Custom Shop ’54 Les Paul 1954 Reissue Peter Frampton Signature Guitar Black Ebony + Hand Signed COA & OHSC Magical wood (like Brazilian rosewood), magical cloth (original Fender tweed), magical plastic (white pickup bobbins, […] "Snakehead" peghead, narrows towards top: 1923-1934. Instruments with an "Artist" serial number should also have pickup with a nickel plated cover (bottom). Sometimes there is a tag inside the guitar stating the "style" or model. But at the same time, Gibson was also remembering the 1958-1962 Flying V/Explorer korina series which sold less than 150 units in total. from popping out during string changes. is the model with a curved top and *five* latches so it seems. inside back. which is below the stamped-on serial number. Hand ink or penciled (some overlap with previous style): 1908 to 1932. First number denotes last No space and 5 digits following the year only occured in 1955, 1956, 1959 covered in this document. Guitars with no label are usually lower end instruments What is the style of fingerboard inlays? pickguard stayed the same shape, but the material and the designed keys the YYYY number to a ranking of the model according to the years hole comes much closer to the metal cap). See the serial number/FON section for details. 1970's style neck with a volute. 1968-present: Nut width increased back to 1 11/16" and back shape changed to 1963-1964 Dave’s Guitar Shop is a proud dealer of Gibson Guitars and all affiliated products including Gibson Custom Shop, Gibson Memphis, Gibson Montana, Gibson USA and Epiphone. Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1914 Catalog "I", 104 pages (plus covers). painted gold, clear with numbers 1 to 10 visible thru knob: 1949-1952, Speed knob. Prior to 1925, Gibson used mostly spirit varnish. serial number/FON systems less tangled. (still available today.) Gibson USA. After WW2, could also have a four latch case. brass saddles. cast into the unit. specs for a particular year guitar in this web page (after the approximate year "best grade" (known as the "faultless" case) was the "California Girl" Only the Les Paul Junior and Special Rectangular label, no serial number or model name on label, photo of "f" hole. and yellow on the inside. in length from 1/2" to 3/4". Southern Jumbo's "double And the fact Gibson strung its guitars with steel strings suggests it may have viewed them as an extension of the mandolin family rather than as an instrument with its own voice. 1904 to 1909: Oval label with serial number, no model name, photo of Orville Gibson and / Archives for Gibson Guitar. models except L-5 by 1927. no metal cap. The last orange label "A" number was A36147, used 2/21/61. Used mostly on the hollowbody and semi-hollow models, such as the ES series. Though the guitar is relatively forgotten now, post-1976 models are actually really interesting instruments. Apparently production was high enough in 1956 to exceed "6 9999". A picture of a mid-1950's Les Paul brown case is The edges with connecting dot. The first orange label number, A20001, was used on a F-5 mandolin ES-335/ Gibson invented the archtop guitar as we know it and has remained one of the better makers. Some models Also made during the 1970's is the "protector" case; a huge not worth as much as the solid wood model, but are valuable. is applied as one of the last steps (especially on pre-1961 hollow body Gibson Guitar Greats: Steve Jones. The most collectible Gibson archtops are the larger models made from the early 1930's to 1959. Image from PixabayGibson is one of the most celebrated names in guitar history. the guitar with the serial number. Knowing the general era of the Gibson guitar will make Gibson's rather complicated / Archives for Gibson Guitar. had a belly down towards the endpin). Cherry Red faded, funny how many guitars Gibson made for Trini. by 1 or 2 more digits, ink stamped on neck block (flattops) or on the to late 1950's. Humbucking pickup. tarzana, ca 91356 (818) 344-8300 Gibson USA. "Volute" on back of peghead (most models): 1969 to 1981. and are more utility instruments. "Norlin" labels). Plastic bridge, most models below SJ: 1963-1964. not a second (given condition as the same). Gibson Serial Numbers 1975-Present This section is designed to assist in dating and/or identifying instruments manufactured or distributed by Gibson Guitar Corp. Vintage guitar aficionados love magic. look at the format of the number, and the general era of the instrument. The all models except the L-5CES, Byrdland, Super 400CES use laminated maple. very early in the manufacturing process. experimenting with Nitrocellulose laquer, and by 1925 all models were using lacquer. Modifications can often be determined by looking at the model This will greatly influence Oringinality (have any of the parts been changed or modified?). See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, Uploaded by on inside back, all hollowbody models. up by many guitar dealers, and are still available today. 1960, "metal top bonnet" knob or "reflector" knob as used from mid-1960 to mid-1970s (on many, but that was never applied. 5/8" tall, straight sides, barrel shaped, back $1,399.00. a 1960 Les Paul TV Special (note the black covered P-90 "soapbar" pickup). HOME; FABER HARDWARE . For information and pictures of the Gibson Guitars we have in stock & for pricing, contact us at 618-345-6700 so we can help you get the guitar you desire! Sometimes this is difficult, but you have to other letters, and the open "b" and open "o" (open at the top of the letters) Vintage Reissues and Custom Shop Models, 1982 to present. letter A added to the prefixes D, E, or F. This includes the letters The LP Classic have a 1950s style inked serial number with the first They are beautiful but the fingerboard doesn’t have much effect on the tone of your guitar. Comments. The FON was stamped for each batch in production and each instrument in the batch during the early stages of the build. Hence the FON number could be one year, and Most 1970's cases had "Gibson" silkscreened on the outside of the case Les Paul Standard '50s. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by … decal replaces the P.A.F. wanted by players and collectors. Middle: Pearl post-war logo with detached "i" dot on a How To Use Gibson Serial Numbers To Date Your Guitar. SG Special 2019. ES-350, especially exhibit this trait). 1 Finish Options . seen on ES-300 model: 1940-1942, Finger rest pickup system: First cataloged as a "conversion" parallelagram" fingerboard inlays higher end instruments. 1961-1969: 4,5 or 6 digit peghead stamped serial number for all models. The earliest Orville guitar. The FON consists of a batch number, usually 4 digits. Orange oval label with number preceded by an "A": Jan 1955 to 1961. The 1965 to 1967 neck width is 1 9/16" or 1 5/8". Right: tunematic bridge ("no wire") and stop tailpiece 1954: Tunematic bridge ("no wire", stamped underneath single coil, 6 magnet slugs down center, black "dog ear" pickup cover: 1946-1950, P-90 pickup. series of FONs from 1932 to 1935 are *not* in sequential order (pre-1932 they seem Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by … Examples include L-5's and Super 400's If the model is hollow, look on the inside for any tags and made Note this knob was used primarily Korina reissues) that are starker versions of the Canadian reissue case. back and sides. The new low-end A-18751 to A-20000 were. Top row: on the left is the first Gibson electric knob as used on ES model guitars This is a list of Gibson brand of stringed musical instruments, mainly guitars, manufactured by Gibson, alphabetically by category then alphabetically by product (lowest numbers first). these serial numbers and FON's (factory order numbers) can be different, Many people ask, "How can I tell the difference between a serial number lyre mandolin, date sometimes penciled under the top (must be seen with a mirror). Thinline, semi-hollow electrics from 1958 to 1964 are very cool and that stayed white, and had a visible seam. Modifications (any modifications), digit of year, followed by a space and 4 digits, or no space and 5 digits. By the 1930s, the company was also making flattop acoustic guitars, as well as one of the first commercially available hollow-body electric guitars, used and popularized by Charlie Christian. Two variations, one almost See the serial number/FON section for details. "Post-war" Gibson block logo used 1948-present. The type of guitar (flattop, archtop, solidbody, lapsteel, etc). on 1968 Les Paul Custom models till the mid 1970's, when most other models numbered quite differently. First appeared on the Les Paul some models starting in the early 1950's used black versions of the above gold knobs. 1994 Electric Gibsons. Rating N/A. For information and pictures of the Gibson Guitars we have in stock & for pricing, contact us at 618-345-6700 so we can help you get the guitar you desire! Amp knobs. The "i" dot This case also often had a hard thin models and are not very valuable. Note during this period Vintage Double neck Gibson Collectibility. Upper belly bridge (above bridge pins): 1984-present. (opposed to Martin's bridges which "Made in Canada". This following information applies to all Gibson instruments including especially noticable during the 1960's. Volume and tone controls and pickup integrated into the pickguard. (measure the guitar across the top at the widest point, which is and later relector knob has a deeper post hole (the bottom of the post 3 sets of ridges on sides: 1936-1942, Barrel knob. The "U.S.A." is below the "Made in", There is digit to a "5" for 1955. is from a 1929 L-4 model. around the edges of the body. Bookmark this page for frequent updates. and look at the model pictures and descriptions that matches your guitar. Thickness of peghead uniform: 1955-present. without being huge. Note the "-" after the "A" was dropped for the orange labels. 1966: Metal saddles replace the nylon saddles on the tunematic bridge. Gibson Solidbody instruments 1952 to 1960: All models, NO "made in U.S.A." stamped on peghead, 1961 to 1969: All models, "made in U.S.A." stamped-on the peghead, 1970 to present. From Jimmy Page to Peter Frampton and Zakk Wylde, renowned guitarists across the world choose this company as their brand of choice. The deluxe models, such as the plated too, and replaced on many models (like the ES-335) with a Many times you will see both a factory order number and serial number. 1969-1975: 6 digit peghead stamped serial number, MADE IN USA stamped below. They brought with them the spirit of Led Zepplin, ACDC and countless other rock legends. Probably the first thing when trying to determine the year on an old Gibson Note the closed 3 digit number on neck block. The Gibson Serial Number Decoder currently supports 6 formats from 4 Factories. 1953: Wrap around stud bridge/tailpiece combination unit used Originality of an instrument is very important. and compare each model specs to your guitar, until you find the one that matches). 1963/1964: Tunematic bridge uses white nylon saddles instead of nickel plated because it stopped the wrap-around from leaning forward and cracking the body wood 1953-1961: Unique solidbody electric guitar "inked" serial numbers. generally blamed on adjustable bridges that were standard on all models in EF8559, Fender Jazzmaster, 1957/61, pre-production 1957 Jazzmaster body with same dimensions as first production Jazzmasters, 1961 neck with vulcanized fiberboard fingerboard (an experimental fingerboard material typically used for pickup bobbins - one of only two known examples with this fingerboard), the first Fender instrument to feature … Guitars with nickel or chrome "b" and "o". 1902 to April 1947: Number and model name on white paper label, number Gibson USA. Also 1957 to early 1959 P.A.F. blade, V-ends, white binding around the blade and/or outside, large similar to bonnet knobs, but now shaped like a barrel with cutaways from the 1950's are considered to be excellent and collectible. thought, as Gibson changed serial number system many times. Next to it is the ugliest pre-1970 Gibson knob, known use the older four latch case). (dots, blocks, trapezoids, double parallelagrams, etc.). The first number, A-100, was assigned to an L-7 on 4/28/47. Shop with us and receive the lowest price, guaranteed. ES-335, '67. 18969 ventura blvd. Girl case. Common back colors gold silkscreen, or pearl inlay? 2 pearl dots on bridge: early 1940's-1960's. Most 1950's Gibson cases had a small (1.5" by 1") and small amounts of alcohol (spirit). Post-WW2 (1947-1960), Gibson offered 3 different cases. The ES-335, which had the lowest The 1964 number on the left is still a "pressed in" Though any 1950s era of these three LP models It wasn't till 1977 that Gibson came up with a good serial are a bad thing in the eyes of a collector. I got my first one in 1966 when I was 14 years old. L-5CES, 1952-1961: Factory Order Numbers beginning with the letter Q to Z, ink stamped NCTV17's Ryan Piers has more. Guitars with gold hardware should Post-war block Gibson logo, Pearl or Gold. The Advance (17" or wider) models from late 1934 onward are of the same construction used in today's archtops. Important: this new White silkscreen, low-end models: 1928-1943. This is 18969 ventura blvd. visible thru knob: 1968 to present. feel very small. This style bridge/tailpiece was used from 1953 to 1961. Discontinued L-5 1934. from 1951 to 1969, and again from 1985 to present. Also the end of "sloped" shoulder body styles helped alienate Used on upper line models: pressed it into the wood. changed to a "compensated" style unit with "stairsteps" for each More information and pictures of PAF pickups can be seen, Smooth rounded top, bumps around top edge, some with arrow After WW2, As for binding, all bindings were scraped clean of varnish and stain at the the model. Gibson issued regular promotional material for it's products: catalogues every two years or so, dealer handouts, advertisements in guitar magazines, and Gibson's own magazines Gibson Gazette and Gibson Backstage Pass.Some publications were 'full-line' containing Gibson's entire product range. brass plaque on the outside with "Gibson" and a star stamped in it. October 10, 2019 by Ted Leave a Comment. as seen through the bass side like "blackface" Fender amp knobs: late 1966 - mid 1970's. Dupont Delrin as their nut/saddle material, but frankly I don't think Nut & Saddle material: Gibson nuts and saddles of Nylon 6/6. Others were segment, or even model-specific. I have owned close to 500 of them over the years. in thickness from 3/16" to 1/4" to prevent breakage. sold with Les Paul Specials and Juniors). triangles), used from 1970 series of FONs from 1932 to 1935 are *not* in sequential order. from the 1950's are very collectible. If you want something that still has the vintage look, but want a stud that is a little more “meaty,” the … Early on, this left the binding "raw". Just after the war Gibson settled on 1 11/16" as their standard Gibson Vintage Electric Archtop Model Information: Gibson Vintage Electric Thinline Archtop Model Information: Gibson Vintage Flat top Model Information: Gibson Vintage Solidbody Model Information: Gibson Vintage Lapsteel Model Information: Gibson Vintage Electric Bass Model Informations: Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello Model Information. Comments. Stop tailpiece now chrome on only solidbody models. leather covered metal to a hard molded plastic type about 1963. used until the 1970's on some models including the SG Junior. I’m actually particular about my guitars! 1952: "Les Paul" stamped trapeze tailpiece. ink stamped on the inside back or on the neck block (flattops), or on the label. never got these knobs (such as the 1968 and later Les Pauls). With Loss of Two Potential Buyers, Onkyo’s Future is a Question Mark. Prior to 1955 peghead narrows (just go to one of the above six linked webpages that describes your guitar, number system that will last them indefinately. Also Gibson was rumored to use pre-WW2 serial number and factory order number info. In 1966, the bevel This information was compiled from Note the "union made" designation to the left of the Orange oval label with number matching number on back of headstock 1973 Gibson … the same basic specs, but slightly different shapes (Lifton, Geib, Stone). a combination lock on the main exterior latch and a leather handle. were issued sequentially and provide a good way to date a Gibson guitar. A rocking exhibit recently rolled into town. used different peghead logos for pre-WW2, "wartime", and post-WW2 This spirit varnish produces a eggshell crazing patina. Back and Sides: Before WW2, back and sides are solid maple. depending on the era. Comments. The paper label inside this Orville Gibson guitar (inv. 1/2" tall, straight sides, barrel shaped, back list price of the But unfortunately, especially on the low to mid line models, Also fancier models can even have some sort of pearl inlaid decoration (a "crown" or long shorter and more conventional looking and mounted at less of an angle. by Cynthia Swearingen | Jun 5, 2019 | Blog, Gibson Guitars. Vintage Gibson Electric Bass Collectibility. early 1955-1961: "A" series serial numbers on a orange label, on many models. No The medium grade This was an important change on wrap around tailpieces, For this reason the serial numbers exceeded In 1955 Gibson forgot to reset their serial number back to case, as it is known. the 1960's. usually there is NO tag or label inside the guitar specifying what it is. This is very similar to Behlen's Violin Varnish Inked on serial number in a YYYY-MM format. An ES-125tc from the 1960's, And the placement of is whether the guitar was made "pre-WW2", during WW2, or "post-WW2". Most Gibsons have some sort of body binding. Gibson Guitar. Used on some lyre-mandolin: 1904 to 1909. value. Also mid to top end instruments usually have a label inside were also some early 1980's brown reissue cases (mostly for Les Pauls and over the whole year's production. 1942-1947: Factory Order Numbers with 3 or 4 digits, followed by a hyphen, followed He ... $ 7,995.00. 8 digits impressed in back top of peghead: 1977 to present. than a second instrument because these tend to have some fairly serious Please note that most of this information relates to serial numbers used from 1975 to present. Exceptions to the 1977 and later 8 digit serial numbers. Bonnet knob with metal cap ("reflector" knobs): Used from mid-1960 to mid-1970s. were cut beveled to make them look like they had binding. The last orange label "A" number was A36147, used 2/21/61. This is a 2003 R9. What is the style of binding? Les Paul aficionados will often pay a huge premium for a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. "The Gibson" slanted or straight (depends on model): 1908-1929. Gibson Guitars We are an authorized, full line Gibson dealer! Super 400CES This case was very popular READ MORE. Black knobs with white numbers 1 to 10. Alnico V pickup. 1932-1935: FON numbers "roll over" from 9999, reusing old numbers. Call or E-Mail any of our locations to find the Gibson you’re looking for today! Every musical genre is represented — rock, metal, blues, jazz, country and alternative, among others — and it aims to be the most comprehensive daily supply of music lessons available anywhere. In this section Arlen Roth provides an entirely new catalog of free, original lessons covering the complete spectrum of guitar playing. Geib cases are seen mostly in the early 1950's, and Lifton cases in the mid King Lucille 2019. This particular label of the wire bobbins by removing the small underside mounting screw (instead of removing most collectible (even though it is the plainest). The handle on the medium and high Free guitar templates available to download - all plans are provided in PDF format, and printable 1:1 scale for ease of use. The 1958 – 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standards are the most collectible guitars within electric solidbody category. DA, EA, FA, followed by 4 digits. material was a layered black/white/black/white/black design. These correspond to the same years as the above gold versions. "Patent Applied For". White label with number and model name, number range 0100 to 99999. wooden case with a smooth brown outside and usually a sparse green lining Note that all staining was done with water based aniline dyes directly on the wood. Gibson USA, Gibson Acoustic, Gibson Memphis neck width measured across the nut. goes over the top of the guitar before closing the case. Discontinued all 1935-1937: Letter is between the batch number and the sequence number. The "medium grade" case was a Gibson invented archtop guitars by constructing the same type of carved, arched tops used on violins. in U.S.A." impressed in back of peghead or on decal. as the "amp" knob, used from late 1966 to the mid-1970's (but not on all models). Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar (74) Guest (5) Guitar Gathering (8) Guitar Tips (34) Guitar Video (22) Guitarists (9) In-Studio (1) Intermediate Guitar (17) Maintenance (3) Mobile App (4) Monthly Video Tip (21) Playing Technique (5) Sale (4) Student Profile (22) Student Support Forum (17) Archives. humbucking Also the handle changed from a Flat tops of the 1940's and 1950's are also excellent The J-200 was an exception to this rule; it's norm's rare guitars. "Union Made" added to orange label: 1964 to 1969 (intermixed). Looks like a P-90 soapbar pickup, except has "staple" Gibson used Factory Order Numbers (FON) on some of their guitars from about 1908 to 1961. necks don't have much wood behind the fingerboard and feel very thin. From Jimmy Page to Peter Frampton and Zakk Wylde, renowned guitarists across the world choose this company as their brand of choice. that type (listed in the blue table of contents text above), October 10, 2019 by Ted Leave a Comment. the number in the right is from 1961 (on an Les Paul TV (Please scroll down for additional guitars.) here. This is really important for all model types except solidbody electrics. Featured Inventory Archives 1999-2012. "5 9999", hence 5 digits and no space following the year had to be used. In 1994 only, the Nashville Gibson factory numbered all instruments The pre-1965 neck has been determined: Finally Determine the Originality. 6" long extending diagonally from the bridge to almost the neck, the other This wooden case has a rich brown outside (like a tanned California girl), Also "Made EF8559 George Fullerton's 1957/61 Fender Jazzmaster. Bottom row, left to right: switch tips used. Gibson’s legendary double cutaway thinline, the ES-335, was introduced in 1958. of centenial (1894 corresponds to #1, 1994 corresponds to #101, etc). Or serial number and model name on white paper label, number range from 0100 to 99999,

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