The top end has a range of training facilities for those into combat sports. From kickboxing and Muay Thai, through to BJJ, MMA and Boxing, there's Darwin Fight Gyms covering every style. Facilities range in the region from outdoors and undercover through to extensive setups with modern equipment. Many of the trainers and instructors are highly experienced and can provide you with extensive training options. If you're looking for somewhere to train in Darwin, you can browse the gyms or try our search. There is a geolocation option to find what's close, or choose a particular style. When you find one of interest check out their profile and what they offer. There's plenty of info on each and should give you a good overall picture.

Darwin Fight Gyms

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Keep up to date in 2020 with the Fight Calendar. You find events near you including MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, K1 and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Shows, Tournaments and Seminars.