Fight Gyms in Australia

Looking for a training gym in Australia? Here you’ll find the cities, towns and regions we cover to date.

You can also narrow down your selection to the style of training you are after by using the search tools.

ACT Fight Gyms

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Training Gyms in Victoria

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New South Wales

Northern Territory Fight Gyms

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Western Australia Fight Gyms

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What are Fight Gyms?

There is a big difference between training gyms in this day and age. Personal Trainers are incorporating boxing fitness and other martial arts into their classes and labelling them boxing training. I’m not really sure who gives out these certificates or labels, but from what I’ve seen it has very little to do with real boxing.

The training gyms you find at Fight are all involved in competitive combat sports. Whether that be competition boxing, Muay Thai, MMA or BJJ. They have registered trainers and fighters that step into the ring, octagon and onto the mat. When you train at these gyms you may be invited to join Fighters Classes.

In a similar manner to personal trainers and non competitive gyms, there will be fitness classes at fight gyms. Difference is they are taught by actual boxers and actual fighters. You’ll learn real techniques for self defence or competition, whilst training with the intensity of a real fighter.

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