Cleto Reyes

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Cleto Reyes is a Mexican brand famous for their line of boxing gloves. The gloves have been in use in world championship fights since 1945. Today they are well known throughout the world and have approval from many of the main world organisations of Boxing.

The lines they manufacture include gloves, protective and head gear, shoes, heavy bags as well as pads and additional training gear.

Their boxing glove lines are well known for the high quality of the craftsmanship and their durability. Hand made from goatskin leather with a long-lasting latex foam padding, the gloves are in the premium range. The designs are minimalist in nature, so the padding in the punch section is smaller than most brands. This makes them great as a punchers glove and not so great if you are on the receiving end. These are the style of gloves boxers either love or hate.

The gloves can take some time to wear in and get that great feel about them. They look great and smell great right out of the box.

Hook and loop (Velcro), laces, and a hybrid style that features both are available on our shores.

Note that the Cleto Reyes lines are in the upper range of boxing gear and equipment. Handmade, quality materials, and a solid long-established reputation make for a premium price tag.

Several Fight Shops in Australia offer the Cleto Reyes line. You can check out a few of the products available in the country by selecting an option below.